Explore the Amazing Dragon City with Great Graphics and Features


Dragon City is a Free to play game in mobile devices. Creating a big territory of dragons where mini dragons to Ultimate dragons live. Collecting the dragons, hatch them and train them to be strong while defending the island. The developer Social Point has added so many features and tasks to explore & enjoy the game very well. Players use real money to buy new dragons also Dragon City Hack is a great way to get dragons. There are so many tasks, and missions on game let’s check them.


The game is very easy, and there are so many features that players love to play. The users of the game can buy various things that help to build the island and as well as stronger dragons. There is verity of tasks and missions that help to reach the next levels and unlock many things. Tasks like Daily missions, Combat battles, completing quests missions, PvP, and many more missions that help to grow more in-game. One of the main objectives is to breed and grow the dragons to earn gold, skins, and new resources as well as unique items.

Build the Islands

Islands have no shapes and sizes, and in the game there are more than ten islands. Beginnings of the game there are only 4×4 sizes are of islands are available because of their habitats. As the users reach higher levels, they can increase the size of the Habitats, which is 6×6 spaces. Every island is different from others, so it’s better to add suitable habitats on every island.

Currency – Gold and gems are the two most important currencies in the game, and with the help of Dragon City Hack players can add resources and dragons and many newly updated things.