Homescape: Make your home decoration


The Homescape is that game where you can make the home according to your choice. Those people who like to do such interior decorator work they can try this game. While playing this game in starting, it might be difficult, but as you will play regularly, it becomes easy for you to play. The game is started from an old house where the players need to make several changes from the floor carpet to the walls. As much as you will make the changes, you will get gold coins. In exchange for the coins, you can buy different types of equipment for home decoration. If you want more coins, then try hscapes.


  • In the game, you will find the position where you want to make some changes.
  • At some point or another, you’re going to wind up in a situation where you can’t locate a single match to make. The best activity in this occurrence is to hold up a couple of moments – staying inert for a bit will make the game feature the best match to make right now.
  • Now you shouldn’t generally enact this coordinating chance – if it’s only a straightforward three-piece coordinate that surfaces during one of the harder dimensions, at that point search out a four-or five-piece coordinate.
  • If the game informs you that a match that can deliver a supporter is conceivable, feel free to take the game’s recommendation.
  • The one thing that will generally get you out of tight spots is Boosters.
  • There are Boosters you can make on the game board, sponsors you can put on the board before a match, and supporters that prove to be useful if all else fails.
  • Rockets are made when you coordinate four pieces in succession or a segment.

Thus, these are some tips which help the player to play. Make sure that the equipment which you will buy that must be unique and attractive.