How to Watch Private Instagram Profile?


Instagram is the most used and famous social media application, which is mainly used by people to upload, or you, can say share photos and videos. In the same application, there are two types of accounts that are private Instagram accounts and public Instagram accounts. So, now it’s time to know a little more about the two types of accounts. Mentioned below are the two types of accounts about which all people should know properly –

  • Public Instagram account – It is a type of account in which you can easily watch profile, photos, and videos of any person you want.
  • Private Instagram account – In these types of accounts you can only see the next person’s private profile if that person accept your follow request. After the person accepts your follow request, then you can easily View Private Instagram

Therefore, these are the two main types of account of Instagram. It depends on users that which they type of account they prefer, i.e. either the public account or the private account.

Methods to watch private Instagram profile

Here are some main methods are given which help you in watching the profile, photos, and videos of any person without following them. The following are some main methods about which all people should know –

  • Directly ask the person – It means that in order to watch profile, photos, and videos of any person on Instagram whose account is private, then you must ask that person directly. You should directly say that person everything that you want to see their profile.
  • Make a fake account – It another method of getting access to any other private Instagram account. One needs to create a fake ID and then send the following request to that person. If your request is accepted, then you easily View Private Instagram profile of that person on Instagram.
  • Make use of Instagram Profile Viewer tools – Another simple method is to make use of Instagram profile viewer tools. With the help of these tools, one can easily watch the private profile of any other person on Instagram.

Concisely, these are some methods by which one can easily view the private profile, photos, and videos of any person in the world.