Mobile Legends- Whole detail about heroes Categories

We all know that the games real enjoy come with friends for showing your unity. These types of games are also making your relationship strong and create a good bonding relationship. If you are also looking for this types of the platform then must try Mobile Legends. In this game, you can make own team with friends and fight with other players. Here lots of exciting and enjoyable missions are also present for team battles. It is launched with 5v5 modes which will offer you make own 5 players team and go into the battles.

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Heroes Categories-

We all know that in Mobile Legends many kinds of heroes are available to play the game. These all the characters are divided into six types of categories. For getting the whole detail about categories then read the article carefully.

  1. Tank Heroes
  2. Fight Heroes
  3. Assassin Heroes
  4. Mage Heroes
  5. Marksman Heroes
  6. Support Heroes

These all the kinds of hero’s categories and each category are available with different skills and works.

  1. Tank Heroes- It is a first hero’s category to fight with other players. It offers you Hp skills and lots of abilities.
  2. Fighter- In the game, it is a physical melee attacker. With the help of it, you can improve your attack power. It means if you want to attack on enemies with higher skills then use this category.
  3. Assassin heroes- At the brust damage, it is called a master. With the help of this, you are able to damage the enemies fast.
  4. Mage Heroes- Under is category the heroes are available with magic abilities and moves. As per the assassin, it is also useful for attack fast.
  5. Marksman- This comes with lots of attack abilities means it is counted into physical ranged attackers.
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