Mortal Kombat X – A Complete Currency Guide


Playing the virtual games are becoming one of the best options for getting entertainment in the free time. Mortal Kombat X is a good option for the individuals those are interested in the Fighting genre. When it comes to play it perfectly then the currency is playing an important role. Following are three types of in-game funds.

  • Souls
  • Koins
  • Alliance points

Everyone needs to be focused on the collection of these funds as well as spend them carefully. If you want to manage the funds carefully, then the following details can be helpful.

Souls – a premium currency

With the help of souls, the players are able to buy some premium items without any kind of issue. There are some specific character packs available in the game. These special packs only can be purchased by spending a good amount of souls.

These packs are including total 3 characters. One of these 3 is related to the gold tier, and other 2 are random characters. For earning the souls, you need to do hard work. It can be gathered quickly by spending real money and availing the specific offers.

Koins – a primary currency

Koins are considered the main form of currency in the game. With its help, everyone can easily buy different types of players’ cards. The most important thing which can be unlocked by spending it is the support cards.

For gathering a good amount of koins, the players need to focus on winning different types of battles. The amount of reward is not fixed, and it is calculated on the basis of some specific factors. Mainly these factors are –

  • Combos delivered
  • Blocked attacks
  • Damage done
  • Match Result

Try to perform perfectly which can help you in building a good level of stats.

Alliance points – a special currency

The players are able to get alliance points when they are sharing any kind of character with other players. Whenever your character is used, then you will get alliance points. The amount is between 50 and 100 points. Use of this particular currency makes the purchase of alliance packs possible.