Plants V/S zombies 2: Earning currencies

Plants V/S zombies 2: Earning currencies

Plants v/s Zombies 2 is the best defense game which was developed by pop cap games. On 9 July 2013, the game was published by electronic arts. Most of the audience wants to play those games which have lots of fights. The platforms which can be used to play the game are PC’s, iOS, or Android. In the game, plants protect the house from zombies. Through this, you need lots of coins to buy some more features. For buying more features players use Plant Vs Zombies 2 Hack, for getting unlimited coins. As it is a never-ending war between plant and zombies, then you have to unlock various modes to complete the challenges.


Now we are talking about currencies then it has two types of currencies. One is silver coins and gold coins, both have different values like silver is equal to 10$ and gold is equal to 100$. Gaining other currencies is easier than collecting coins in this war. Likewise, if you want to gain unlimited numbers of coins then there is only an option. You can use Plants Vs Zombies 2 Hack to unlock several features.


We have discussed in the above paragraph the coins are more beneficial in the whole game. The main motive of coins is to buy different power-ups and upgrading the plants. While completing the level you can’t earn more than 50 coins. However, there is only one plant which generates the coins and never misses the golden magnet that helps you in collecting more coins.

Mint currency

The mint currency is the new currency which helps the player to buy the most powerful plant name as power mint. This plant is used to increase the power of other plants. You can also buy the plant by completing a whole day task.

These are some currencies which the player needs to earn. You can also buy these currencies by paying money, complete some adventures or kill more and more zombies.