Six useful tips for Mafia City

Mafia city is a very entertaining mobile game. Without any tutorial or tricks, you cannot enjoy it. Many game developers provide you some tutorial for making your game easier to play. You can download various tips or tutorial for the game official website. When you do not know how to play the game, you could not reach your desired level. You should know about some of the principal points of Mafia City before the play of the game.

Tips and tricks:

  1. The main resources of mafia city are Boosters, cash, gold. The easiest way for getting all these resources from the wondering citizens. You can tap on the citizens and get some useful resources like cash, gold, and energy points or many more.
  2.  You can tap on mafia city babe. In this game, you can meet with a girl, and this is called Mafia city babe. You can collect some of the favor points from her and unlock some skills and click on the list of unlocked skills.
  3. Power up your gang with the help of invest center. In which you train your gang’s members. Equip with some powerful weapons, you can tap on the weapon and equip menu for this. Upgrade your training centers to unlock powerful gangs.
  4. Speed up your level by healing your injured gangs in the hospitals on the given time. Update your hospitals to the best treatment.
  5. Tasks of Mafia city are a vital element for gaining rewards. You have to complete your task in a given time, and earn some wonderful rewards. At the starting of Mafia city, you get many rewards.
  6. You have to focus on upgrading your troops with some new techniques of fighting, and many other mind tactics for defeating the enemies to survive on a game.

These all points are handy tips and Mafia City Hack for beginners of Mafia City.